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Created on 2009-05-01 17:08:31 (#178753), last updated 2009-05-01 (442 weeks ago)

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Name:Heroes Slash
Location:United States of America
Website:the livejournal comm
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Slashing NBC's Heroes
This community is for discussion and fanwork for Heroes that has to do with slash, any type of slash.

If you are coming from the LJ community, please read this.

Any questions for the mods (such as those about advertising, etc.) can be asked here.

Any and all questions and requests about tags should go here.

1. Please be polite, we're all slash and Heroes fans.
2. Please put all mature content behind a cut, clearly labelled.
3. Please remember to watch out for spoilers, try not to put major spoilers before a cut, in a heading, etc.
4. All fics must have the main pairing be a slash one (otherwise why not post it somewhere else?). This does not mean that the feelings have to be requitted, but they have to be there in some way.
5. Use the official community header (below) on all fanfics. After the header and relevant information there should be a cut or a link to the fanfic.

All fanfics posted on the community should have this header. Any other categories, such as Author Notes or Word Count, are to be used in moderation. IE: Don't spam people's flists with a paragraph-long A/N section.

You can remove any section of this that isn't relevant (if there aren't any spoilers, if you don't have a title, etc.).


[personal profile] heroes

Respect all ships/pairings, constructive criticism is allowed, but don't just flame a fic because you don't like what's in it.

Please observe the laws of your country/region, only read/look at mature content if you are a legal adult. Parents should review content before allowing minors to view it.
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